Rep Team

We are so excited to share this program with you! If you have been a rep for another company, our philosophy may be a tad different then what you have seen. With Ave Belle Boutique (ABB), you are not contracted or obligated to buy, spend a certain amount, or post on your personal page. This group is about community, support, and encouragement, with an opportunity for you to earn shop credit and be part of a great community of moms and their littles!

There are a few things we are looking for from our reps

(again, not required!). Lets be honest, we are all parents and our time is far more important that making sure we hit our social media goals with bows! This is more of a rewards program for you to take advantage of and help spread the word about Ava Belle Boutique so we can keep giving back in our community, sending money down to Riley Children’s Hospital, and monthly giveaways! The more involvement you have, the more shop credit you earn! This program is open to any age level as we carry designs for all ages! Below is what we are looking for out of our rep’s;

1.      Involvement in posts on our Facebook page and/or Instagram page

a.      Whether you share a post, comment, interact with other comments, tag friends, etc.

2.      I will start a group specifically for those on the rep team. This page will be used as a tool. I would like to see positive, upbeat, encouragement on any subject posted. Whether it be a question, concern, idea, etc. We can brainstorm different ways to give back to our/your community, chat about life in general, post ideas/questions about how to share coupon codes, etc. I am laid back and open to all ideas. I believe it takes a village, especially now a days, and what better community to build that one of moms, going through life as we know it in 2021 together!

There are 2 different “levels”, if you will, of reps that I am looking for-


Level 1 -You will be issued a coupon code unique to you. This code is yours to share however you want to; social media, with friends/family, in other groups you are in, etc.

a.      This code will earn you 1 point per dollar spent with that code. At 100 points, you will receive $10 in shop credit to use as you wish (gift it, give it away, hold onto it and stack them up, etc. They will expire at the end of the calendar year.) This coupon code also gives an automatic 10% off of the order, no matter who uses the code! This is a great way to get other people to use your code and earn you shop credit! Codes can be used on the website or on Facebook; Just make sure the code is mentioned when you claim your bows in the comment section as we have been doing.

b.      You will have access to sales earlier than the public and will receive special offers exclusive to our rep team ONLY.  

I know there are some moms who have messaged me about a monthly bow box subscription, and I am open to that – I will open it first to moms who are part of our rep team. This route will look like this:



1.      Level 2- Monthly fee of $30 (shipped) or $25 (pick up, Mishawaka, IN) per child enrolled

a.      This will get you a box of 6-8 bows (you choose the style) shipped to your doorstep monthly. The fabrics will ALWAYS be new and coordinate with the season.

b.      Boxes will arrive BY the first of every month so that you have the bows to post on social media before I do the bow drop post for the month. This is a great way to get other people ready for the bow drop AND get them to use your coupon code.

c.      You will also get a coupon code to share and earn shop credit (same as above).

d.      You will have access to sales earlier than the public and will receive special offers exclusive to our rep team ONLY. 


If either one of these programs sound like something you may be interested in, let me know and Ill get you further info! As always, thank you for your continued support! I love what I get to do and hope to grow this program to help more groups and kids in our community! 

Email us @ or find us on Facebook and shoot me a message @AvaBelleBoutiqueus.